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Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sizism, religious intolerance and the list goes on.  Everyone complains about subconscious prejudice and implicit bias, yet few people really know what to do about it, how to help people see it, and how to reduce it’s presence in ourselves and in others.


We would like to introduce, a revolutionary implicit bias training that takes us to a deeper level, by seeing addressing it for exactly what it is: a pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors  that have been subconsciously conditioned into the cellular networks of our nervous system.  We do this in the same way that it got there- from the outside-in.  


This method is rooted firmly in evidence based psychotherapy practices that work by accessing and interacting directly with the parts of in nervous system that hold these maladaptive ways of being, as well as the parts in us that keep us from seeing them.

We hope that you will contact us, join us for a workshop, subscribe to our blog, or follow us on Facebook!

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